Concept | Poster Design

Challenged with the brief to create a call-to-action poster, the given task was to invigorate an audience to act based on the poster design. I chose the issues and complications with diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that causes complications with the body’s blood sugar level and how the body uses insulin to disperse energy throughout people.

I thought of a way that people could understand and relate to this disease. The body is a system, and so is the way that society travels. I combined the idea of a subway map to relate to the human blood system. I created a faux subway system that is based on the London rail system. The message also plays with the subway transportation concept.

Within the poster had to be a shock factor. Mine was that the subject has a leg missing, this is to indicate that it has been amputated from complications of the disease.

To play with the poster, I added two other variations. This is to show my ability to concept various elements in different light.

Diabetes NYC Poster Original White Background

The full poster with the official website in the same red as the body system. An applicable place for this to be showcased would be subway stations.

Diabetes NYC Poster Black Background Variation One

Other variations of the initial poster to show further conception

Diabetes NYC Poster Red Background Variation Two

Diabetes NYC Poster Diabetes Association NYC Logo

A full view of the logo designed for the poster. It all relates around blood, the words “Diabetes Association” have serifs to emphasis the seriousness of the company’s goal.

Diabetes NYC Poster Mock-Up Location Subway

Mock-ups shown to display the ideal place for the posters.

Diabetes NYC Poster Mock-Up Location

Diabetes NYC Poster Concept Sketch One

Sketches showing my thought process and combining the themes and ideas together.

Diabetes NYC Poster Concept Sketch Two