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For years the Pokémon logo has remained the same since it’s debut in 1997. The 20 year old brand is still focused on the demographic of children. Those children have now grown up and this step in redesigning the logo plays a big role in that. The new design is to make the brand look and feel cooler, to bring back the once little kids who grew out of the brand. This is to show that Pokémon is not just for children but any age and that it’s so much more than just cute little creatures.

This is accomplished by the starkness of the sharp edges and the tilt of the letters to show motion. Red and white play a big part in the color scheme because it relates back to the Pokéball, a major item within the games. The hints of the blue and yellow call back to the original logo design to show that they still cater to children and that demographic. Included at the bottom is also the name for Pokémon in Japanese (Poketto Monsutā), this is to show respect to the origin country of the company.

Pokemon Re-Brand Color Logo

The redesigned Pokémon logo grabs the attention of those who used to play back in the day, and shows a new mature take on the company brand.

Pokemon Re-Brand Black And White Logo

Pokemon Re-Brand Modern Logo

Pokemon Re-Brand Textured Logo

The modernized version of the logo with a metallic texture to emphasis a cool and competitive feel.

Pokemon Re-Brand Logo Mark

The Pokémon logo mark used in the re-brand.

Pokemon Re-Brand Logo Identity System

Stationary system for the redesigned Pokémon company.

Pokemon Re-Brand Advertisement Poster One

A six spread ad for the Pokémon redesign campaign. Each page is part of a sentence that have contrasting elements that showcase the different activities and audiences for the Pokémon demographic.

Pokemon Re-Brand Advertisement Poster Two

Pokemon Re-Brand Advertisement Poster Three

Pokemon Re-Brand Advertisement Poster Four

All pages show which games debuted on the various Nintendo handheld devices and showcase what games belong to each different generation in the series of games.

Pokemon Re-Brand Advertisement Poster Five

Pokemon Re-Brand Advertisement Poster Six

Pokemon Re-Brand Logo Process Sketch One

Pokemon Re-Brand Logo Process Sketch Two

Pokemon Re-Brand Logo Process Sketch Three

Pokemon Re-Brand Logo Process Sketch Four