Layout | Publication

To experience creating a publication from start to finish, we were given the task of creating a 30–60 page book. The subject manner of the piece was focused on ourselves. It could be anything from a full autobiography, a certain event, or a series of events. I chose to do my subject on the five days I spent in New York City for a L’Arc~en~Ciel concert, my favorite band.

All the images included are taken from the time of my visit and the design inspiration is based on the NJ Transit map, which was my main mode of transportation into the city. The text at the beginning of each chapter is to emulate how destinations are shown at bus and train stops.

One main concept for the book is that the boxes represent how text appears on a moving LED screen. It also represents Times Square, where you are bombarded by screens and signs all over. I wanted to catch this essence throughout the book.

5 Days Book Cover Full

The full cover spread of the 5 DAYS book.

5 Days Book Book Printed

The book printed out as a physical copy.

5 Days Book Table of Contents Spread

Showcased are spreads from the book emphasizing on the beginning and ends of the chapters as well as the set list from the concert.

5 Days Book Chapter Spread

5 Days Book Story Spread

5 Days Book Set List Spread

5 Days Book End Chapter Spread