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Being in a group with designers, we had to develop and write our own stories with things going on in the Austin area that were art related. The whole group made and put together ideas and stories to create a magazine. To keep with the concept of creativity in Austin we named the magazine CreATX, short for Creative Austin, TX. As a large group we decided on the grids, size of the magazine, fonts, the masthead, and overall style of the publication.

I decided to do my story on the Classic Game Fest that was going on during that time. There were going to be artist selling their video game-related artworks. I interviewed three different artist who all had very interesting backgrounds and artworks.

I based the style of my publication on the Super Mario Bros. series from the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). This was to go with the “classic” feel of the whole event and reflect the gaming culture present at the time.

CREATX Article Spread Key Art

All the pixels shown on the first page of the article are made individually out of squares in Adobe Illustrator.

CREATX Article Spread Full One

I used the blocks from the Super Mario Bros. series to form my typography for the title of the article.

CREATX Article Spread Full Two

I chose an orange color to pop from the blue surrounding the borders of the publication. This emphasized the individuals and also color-coded their answers.

CREATX Article Spread Full Three