Concept | Illustration

The task of the brief was to partner with another designer and come up with a strong concept for a country. We were given creative freedom, but had to come up with a society, an origin story, money system, name for the country, crest, and a flag.

Partnered with Michael Perez, we originally came up with a pirate nation. Here and there, ideas were formed and built upon in a realistic sense. He was the idea man, I was the rationalist and artist.

I wanted to do art that was in a similar style to woodcuts. Each piece is heavy with crosshatching and horizontal lines to give each piece texture and life.

Cresouthia gets its name from the crescent shape of the island and the word “outsider”. There are also many social classes which include Lordes, Pirates, Orphans, Tinkers, Importers, and Barmaids. Each had their role to play in the economy of the new country.

The County Of Cresouthia Map

Above is the country Cresouthia, a rogue country that is inhabited by different classes of people. The ones that stand out the most are the Lorde and the Pirate classes.

The Cresouthia Country Flag Octopus

The Cresouthian mascot is the octopus that is on the flag of the country, it’s also the official country animal.

The Cresouthian Crest Madien

An illustration of the maiden, which is the crest of the country.

Cresouthia Process Sketch One

Cresouthia Process Sketch Two

Cresouthia Process Sketch Three

Cresouthia Process Sketch Four

Cresouthia Process Sketch Five

Cresouthia Process Sketch Six