Layout | Poster Design

As an experiment to break the grid, the goal was to create a poster that showcased our skills and would act as a way to advertise ourselves as designers. I wanted to showcase what I was discovering at the time with my skills in Adobe Illustrator. Concepting and planning the layout were the hardest part of this project. I didn’t break the grid very much but the end result came out satisfactory.

The idea behind the illustration was a play on my last name “Hill”. The thought was making my clients feel like they were the king of the hill. The crown appearing is representing me giving the client what they need or want. The stick and blanket represent a scepter and a cape, the cape is purple to represent royalty.

Throughout the checkerboard I have elements that appear from the illustration. This is to give the poster depth and give a 3D space in which the information resides.

Designer As Product Complete Poster

The complete poster showcasing my illustrative skills within the Adobe Illustrator program, as well as a list of skills that I can perform.

Designer As Product Poster Illustration

A detailed view of the style of illustration used for this poster. It’s flat yet colorful at the same time.

Designer As Product Poster Mock-Up

A mock-up of how the poster would be displayed printed out.

Designer As Product Layout Sketch

Process sketches featuring how I came up with the style and layout of this piece.

Designer As Product Poster Style Process Sketch