Background & Layout Design

The final piece done from a collection of Background and Layout designs. These pieces focused more toward Game Art Design and Animation. It’s another illustrative piece that I feel my skills can shine through.

The premise of this illustration was to focus on any layout we desired, it could be from a game, story, movie, real life, or our imagination. I chose to illustrate my interpretation of an area called Meteor Falls in one of the Pokémon series games.

I focused my attention to the detail and lightening used in the most recent games. The light blue coming from the water and the yellow color of the rock are just examples of how this is implemented.

I based the area on a real-life location of the entrance at the caves in Inks Lake, Texas. I needed a real light source and based that into this work.

Meteor Falls Color Background

The completed product of Meteor Falls from the Pokémon: Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Alpha Sapphire, and Omega Ruby games.

Meteor Falls Black And White Background

A black and white look of the finished piece to give a sense of depth and value with no color.

Meteor Falls Line Art Background

The detailed line work of the piece before adding a painted digital style, some details were not included in the final.

Meteor Falls Color Black White Line Art Background GIF

A GIF playing through the various stages in the development of this piece.

Meteor Falls Concept Sketch Background Final Draft One

Meteor Falls Concept Sketch Background Final Draft Two

Meteor Falls Background Concept Sketch Collection

Meteor Falls Concept Sketch Background Thumbnail One

An unused thumbnail of another area from the same games.

Meteor Falls Concept Sketch Background Thumbnail Two

A dutch-tilt of the Meteor Falls area looking from the bridge.

Meteor Falls Concept Sketch Background Thumbnail Three

The thumbnail that I went with, it best features most of the features and details of the area