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Sticking strictly to a grid, this task required us to make a magazine cover, table of contents, and an example spread as one of the top stories. The main focus of the cover was featuring how, at the time, the Nintendo WiiU was struggling as a successful product. I came up with an illustration that showed the main game series that fueled the WiiU’s sales. This was done to further emphasis the main story in the article. With the logo I wanted to show something a bit retro but modernized stylistically. The pixels in the masthead demonstrate this.

The table of contents was to emulate the old school feeling of playing games in the arcade. Each system and hand-held is color-coded, with the major stories being the highlighted images. The line motif shows up in articles to show what section of the magazine you are in. Each section is blocked off and set on a strict grid to show order.

Player 1 Magazine Cover Art

The blue in the masthead shows in the main article title boxes as well. This linkage technique makes the cover unified in style.

Player 1 Magazine Table Of Contents

The TOC shows a uniformed order even with a lot of information, the colors help differentiate each section.

Player 1 Magazine Dire Revelations Article Spread One

The dynamic artwork at the beginning is strategically placed to get you excited about what you are about to read, it’s a little shocking to see at first.

Player 1 Magazine Dire Revelations Article Spread Two

The spread shows off the rich environments in the video game artwork, the blue line draws your eye through the article and makes a nice contrast from all the red used in the article.

Player 1 Magazine Table Of Contents MockUp

A mock-up of the TOC with an ad behind.

Player 1 Magazine Dire Revelations Article MockUp

A mock-up of the featured story, showing the proof of concept.