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The main focus of this brief was to bring new light to a local company through redesigning it’s logo and overall brand. Plucker's has been a staple in the Austin community, providing excellent food and a great sports environment. My goal was to bring new life to this company and make it seem like its more rooted and a bit upscale.

A way I compare this redesign is that I want it to be somewhere between Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks Coffee, not too high-class but not too everyday, a nice middle ground. I wanted to make something organic and original with the new logo type. Hand-crafted, the type shows a fun side while still being classy. The chicken is added to give a strong face for the brand, a silhouetted chicken is bursting with class compared to the previous chicken, which was depicted as a cartoon.

Being in Austin means you’re also in Longhorn territory. The orange color comes into play not only to show that the company is Austin’s own, but to also emulate the color of the fresh cooked chicken they make for their guests and the sauces that accompany them.

Plucker's Style Guide Manual Cover

The opening page shows the diverse color palette derived from the orange base color.

A commercial showing off the environment and food at the Plucker's establishment as well as the features available at locations.

Plucker's Re-Brand Logo

Plucker's Re-Brand Logo Mark

The new Plucker's logo and logo mark.

Plucker's Re-Brand Logo Pattern

The Plucker's logo pattern.

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Phoography Page

Photos taken by myself to show the mouth watering appetizing meals available at the establishments.

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Logo Comparison Page

Comparisons of the old logo and the newly designed one.

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Business Card Page

Showcasing the business cards and having them used in mock ups.

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Advertising Page

Showing diverse advertising that play on phrases associated with the playfulness of the brand.

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Spread Example One

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Spread Example Two

Plucker's Re-Brand Manual Spread Example Three

Plucker's Re-Brand Logo Sketch Collection One

Plucker's Re-Brand Logo Sketch Collection Two

Plucker's Re-Brand Logo Sketch Collection Three