Symbolism | Logo Design

The given task for this piece was to redesign a company that you don’t like, whether it be the product itself or the way it was designed. I chose the coffee company Starbucks. The goal was to make a new logo with the knowledge of how we can use symbols within to convey a message.

From the beginning I knew I wanted to convey the literal meaning of the word star buck. With some research I learned that star buck means “great river”. For more of a connection I wanted to see what things are known as the great river. I came across Eridanus, a constellation also known as the great river. This constellation is also based on the Po river in Italy, which is the largest river in that country. I looked at the form of the constellation and tried to find a way to simplify it. I took the major characteristics Eridanus has and tilted the image at 45 degrees.

The brown circle behind the logo reflects you looking into a cup of coffee. The type chosen is complementary to the logo because it’s thickness matches that of the lines within the logo mark.

Starbucks Re-Brand Logo With Background

The redesigned Starbucks logo with symbolic elements of its name origin.

Starbucks Re-Brand Logo White Background

Starbucks Re-Brand Modern Logo

The modernized version.

Starbucks Re-Brand Black Logo On White Background

Starbucks Re-Brand Logo Pattern

The re-branded Starbucks pattern. It's composed of elements from the newly designed logo.

Starbucks Re-Brand Logo Identity System

The brands ecosystem with the business cards design and stationary.

Starbucks Re-Brand Logo Process Sketch One

Drawing out the Eridanus constellation to develop the logo concept.

Starbucks Re-Brand Logo Process Sketch Two

Developing more concepts and ideas with the re-branded logo.