Typography | Font Design

Sticking to a strict random recipe, the task was to create a unique typeface out of the ingredients of the recipe given. The recipe given was Stems: Straight, Contrast Amount: Not Visible, Weight: Semi-Bold, Stroke Endings: Serifs, Ascender: Longer Than Normal, Descender: Shorter Than Normal, and Width: Narrow.

One issue was trying to figure out the right spacing for each letter form. Also making sure each letter had no contrast in weight was also slightly difficult. Figuring out the best width was also a challenge in itself. The end result though is pleasing.

The concept for the vibe and name of the typeface came from the song “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots. During that time, I wanted to have a beachy fun sporty typeface that would invigorate my audience. The application of the typeface would be used as a display type, it is not body copy friendly.

RIDE Typeface Complete Font Character System

The complete typeface with all glyphs available.

RIDE Typeface Recipe Characteristics One

The characteristics of the typeface demonstrated.

RIDE Typeface Recipe Characteristics Two

RIDE Typeface Type Specimen Poster

A type specimen poster, created specifically to give the vibe of the typeface.

RIDE Typeface Process Grid Sketch One

Starting from a grid sketch to shaping out the letter-forms with shapes.

RIDE Typeface Process Grid Sketch Two

RIDE Typeface Process Type Building Digital